3″-Speaker rubber surround – Foam rubber edge

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Main feature:  High sensitivity, easy to adjust low frequency parameters.

The displayed product is one of our well sale products, which is made of Foam material with 3-inch rubber edge. 

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Product Detail

Product Detail

Surface Treatment

surface treatment

Edge design

Edge design

Customizd Contetn

Material NBR SBR IIR EPDM Foaming
Size 1mm-21mm 1mm-21mm 1mm-21mm 1mm-21mm 3mm-12mm
Hardness 45°-85° 45°-85° 45°-85° 45°-85° 55°-75°
Thicken 0.15mm-10mm 0.15mm-10mm 0.15mm-10mm 0.15mm-10mm 0.15mm-10mm
Shape Round, oval, irregular, etc., accept foreign molds, and support customized molds
Color Black, gray, etc. according to customer requirements
Surface treament Smooth, frosted, undercut, etc. according to customer requirements
Edge design High-pressure strip, texture, reverse concave edge, notch, punching, etc. according to customer requirements



A surround’s quality has enormous impact on the frequency response of a loudspeaker. The shore hardness directly affects the frequency of the speaker. Rubber surrounds also endure a long lifetime, almost 20~30years.

Foam rubber edge has the advantages of long life and not easy aging of ordinary rubber edge, but also has the advantages of light weight and adjustable density of foam material. Now foam rubber edge is widely used in the speaker, is a good comprehensive performance of the speaker edge material.

Foam rubber (also known as cellular, sponge, or expanded rubber) refers to rubber that has been manufactured with a foaming agent to create an air-filled matrix structure. The main physical properties of foam rubber are generalized as being “Lightweight, buoyant, cushioning performance, thermal and acoustic insulation, and impact damping. Foam rubbers are generally made of synthetic rubber, natural latex or polyurethane, is well known for its endurance. 

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Our advantages2


Port: Shen Zhen/Guang Zhou/Ning Bo/Shang Hai

Package:Export Standard Unified Carton Packaging.

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Q1: Can you make OEM/ODM or custom order?
Answer 1: We welcome OEM/ODM or customized product list.

Q2: What is the packaging of your products?
Answer 2: The packaging method is based on the cartons uniformly used by the company, and special packaging will be charged separately.

Q3: Can I get samples from you for testing?
Answer 3: Customers are welcome to take samples for testing. Our company supports free samples of existing models. You only need to bear the freight.

Q4: What are the terms of payment?
Answer 4: 30% T/T deposit, 70% T/T balance payment before delivery. If there is special need, it can be negotiated.

Q5: Can I visit your factory?
Answer 5: 1. In the epidemic environment, our company provides remote online factory detection service. Please contact our business. 2. Welcome to visit the company for field inspection. Please make an appointment in advance before the investigation, so as not to delay your schedule.

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